Arkbreaker DLC Could Revive Interest in Defiance

Posted 2013/11/23 by JaySwolo in Gaming

As I’ve said before, Defiance is not without it’s troubles, and the first DLC didn’t do much to fix that, but gave players a little more content to fiddle around with. Content that, unfortunately, would not entertain veteran players for long. Trion has offered many small previews into what is in store for Defiance, and it’s safe to say these are the first major changes players can actually see.

One of the free updates to Defiance that Arkbreaker brings, fixes the most inexcusable flaw found within the game; single-player instances during questlines. These single-player instances housed the climax of all of that co-operative hardwork through the open world, and dumped you into a constantly re-used bunker/cave map….all alone. Mow down hundreds of enemies, just to fight the boss, all alone. Silly right? Players have been complaining about this since the game was in its Alpha state early this year, and now they’re finally getting what should have been a standard feature at launch:

Full “campaign” co-op. Meaning you can tackle every single quest with friends, and possibly a limited group of 4 in co-op versions of single-player instances.

Combat in Defiance is also getting a much needed upgrade, but if its for better or worse has yet to be seen. While these will definitely help in PvE combat, it will have much larger impact on the PvP community because there isn’t much in terms of passive/active abilities or items that encourage team play. It’s not Battlefield, but it’s a step in the right direction.

  • SPIKES – Which grant ammo, increased damage, and shield power to allies with hi-tech ground Spikes. Once planted, Spikes radiate benefits to nearby players for a set duration or until destroyed. 
  • STIMS – “Get juiced with special hypospray Stims that provide healing, speed and strength boosts, or an EGO power refresh.”

If you decide to drop $10 on the Arkbreaker DLC (which is also the price of the game itself), you’ll get access to the following

  • Volge Cold-Fire Weapons – Building on the Volge LMG that was introduced in the Castithan Charge Pack, players will now have access to Volge Sniper Rifles, Assault Rifles and Pistols.
  • 20 New Weapon Variants – Your current favorites will be getting new twists and upgrades that will give you new options in how you approach battles
  • Summon Arkfalls – Finally matching up with process used in the show, players can now call down minor & major arkfalls and fight inside the interior of them to grab ark salvage and take out the Volge Warmaster (who also sports some fresh new AI code)

Does that sound like it’s worth the $10, or will the new combat items and full on co-op be enough to hold you?

Either way, there’s more news on the way, but what I can tell you now is that Arkbreaker is scheduled to release ┬áDecember 10th, on PS3/PC/360.


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