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aaron mcgruder boondocks

Sony TV Boss Disses Aaron McGruder

The Boondocks season 4 is the worst thing to ever happen to the series. Weeks before the season premiered, Aaron McGruder issued a statement that he was not involved with production in any way and now we think we know why.

Super Best Friends South Park

Sony Pictures Could Learn a Thing or Two From “South Park”

Eight years ago Trey Parker and Matt Stone sent a valuable message about censorship to the world and that message is now more important than ever before.

The Interview Cancelled

Sony Pictures Officially Cancels “The Interview”

Sony Pictures has officially pulled The Interview and will not release the film on Christmas day.

Viola Davis Suicide Squad

Viola Davis Attached to Play Amanda Waller in “Suicide Squad”

We’ve got some more awesome news for you regarding another filled character role in the upcoming villainous film Suicide Squad!

Star Wars The Force Awakens

Lucasfilm’s Mysterious “Captain Phasma” Trademark

Disney’s Lucasfilm recent filing for a “Captain Phasma” trademark has left us scratching our heads.

Django Zorro Crossover

Sony Wants to Make a Django/Zorro Crossover Film

If you thought Sony’s plan to crossover the MIB and Jump Street franchises was wild, wait until you hear this!

Uncharted 4 Pixel art

Here’s a Glimpse of How Uncharted 4 Would Look on the NES

If you are retro game fanatic like myself, then take a look at this nifty little creation.

Beetlejuice 2

Beetlejuice 2 Could Be Coming Sooner than You Think

We’ve got more information on that long awaited Beetlejuice sequel that we know you’ve been waiting for.


Super Mario Bros. Movie Coming Soon; Made by Sony

Yes you read that headline correct and no this isn’t opposite world where cooky imaginings appear and your wildest dreams come true.

Workaholics Season 5 Uncensored

Workaholics Season 5 Uncensored Promo is Very Tight Butthole

Comedy Central recently released an epic over the top promo for Workaholics season 5!