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Evolve Wraith Trailers

Third Evolve Monster Revealed in New Action Packed Trailers

The time has come folks, as Evolve’s third monster has finally been revealed in both a new CGI trailer and an interactive one. Both trailers show fans what to expect from the new Wraith and what kind of damage this new...

Bloodborne Screenshots

New Bloodborne Screenshots and Chalice Dungeon Info Will Haunt You

New Bloodborne screenshots and information has recently been released thanks to PlayStation. Along with the new screenshots, new information for the game’s unique chalice dungeons has also hit the web.

Dark Souls GFWL to Steam Migration Live

Dark Souls (PC): GFWL to Steamworks Migration is Now Live

Praise the sun Dark Souls PC players! The day that Games For Windows LIVE transfers to Steamworks is now upon us!

RollerCoaster Tycoon Screenshots Western

New RollerCoaster Tycoon World Screenshots and Developer Information Revealed

With the recent RollerCoaster Tycoon World website opening just recently, new screenshots and developer information has surfaced online. These new screenshots should give you an idea of what to expect in the upcoming release wh...

Tales from the Borderlands Review

Tales from the Borderlands EP 1 “Zer0 Sum” Review

Telltale Games recently released part one of many episodes for Tales from the Borderlands, dubbed “Zer0 Sum”. Telltale Games’ take on the Borderlands series that Gearbox Software created aims to impress fa...

New Ninja Theory Game

Ninja Theory Teases New Game Announcement

Ninja Theory have recently gone to the internet to tease what could be a new game announcement in the near future. Before you ask, no, it’s not Hellblade.

papers please iOS

Papers, Please Coming to iOS, PS Vita Port Update

Fans of the incredible 2013 indie title, Papers, Please should get hyped for some exciting announcements. The popular title from Lucas Pope himself will be heading to iOS devices in the near future. Along with that, Lucas has...

Batman: Arkham Knight Scarecrow Nightmare DLC

First Footage for Batman: Arkham Knight PS4 Exclusive Scarecrow DLC

The third Ace Chemicals Infiltration trailer for Batman: Arkham Knight is here and it has some new footage that may entice fans of the series to purchase the PlayStation 4 version of the game instead of others. How? Well, fan...

Killing Floor 2 PS4

Killing Floor 2 on PS4 is Not “Some After-Thought Port”, Says Dev

Killing Floor 2 is heading to the PlayStation 4 and PC in the future, and Tripwire Interactive‘s own V.P., Alan Wilson, has recently given his 2 cents on development for the game. 

Metal Gear Online Screenshot

New Metal Gear Online Wallpapers and Screenshots Surface Online

Metal Gear Online is shaping up nicely, and along with a trailer that we’ve previously written about, new wallpapers and screenshots have also surfaced online.