The Dark Knight Returns

Frank Miller Returns to The Dark Knight

Frank Miller is back, and he is penning another installment in his The Dark Knight series.

Rick and Morty Issue 2 Oni Press

Rick and Morty #2 Cover Art Revealed

Oni Press recently sent us the cover art for the second issue of Rick and Morty #2!

Rick and Morty Comic Book Review Junkie Monkeys

Rick and Morty #1 Comic Book Review

Summer can’t get here soon enough. It seems like forever since Rick and Morty season 1 wrapped up on Adult Swim, and waiting for the upcoming season is driving me nuts! Thankfully Oni Press will soon release the offic...

Rick and Morty Variant

Two New Variant Issues of Rick and Morty #1 Revealed

Oni Press recently revealed two more Rick and Morty #1 variant covers!

Rick and Morty #1 Variant

Oni Press Reveals Emerald City Comicon Exclusives

Oni Press is preparing to release several exclusive variants at Emerald City Comicon in Seattle. Check them out right here!

Fight Club 2

‘Fight Club 2′ Preview

We promised to keep you updated on the recent happenings in the Fight Club universe and we will not fail to deliver! 

Guardians of the Galaxy Groot

We Are Groot; Groot to Get a Spinoff Comic

New information that surfaced online early today tells all that Guardians of the Galaxy’s own Groot will be getting a new Marvel spinoff comic!

Invader Zim LEGO set

Invader Zim LEGO Set in Development, Needs Fan Support

We recently covered how Invader Zim would be returning in comic form, but wouldn’t it also be great to get an Invader Zim LEGO set as well? With fan support, we could just get an Invader Zim LEGO set by the end of the year.

Invader Zim

Invader Zim Returns in a New Comic-Book Series

It’s been years since Invader Zim was cancelled on Nickelodeon, and the show’s fanbase has increased dramatically since then. Now it seems that the beloved series will be returning in the form of a new comic-book se...

Revival of F manga

First Look at Dragon Ball Z: Revival of F Manga

Last month it was announced that the upcoming theatrical film Dragon Ball Z: Revival of F would receive a three-part manga adaptation. Thanks to a fan, we can now get a look at several pages of the manga.