Ikigami: The Ultimate Limit Vol. 10 Review

It’s been a wild and emotional ride, but Ikigami has finally come to a shocking and dramatic end.

Fight Club 2 Wedding

Fight Club 2 Coming in 2015

Shit just got real! The heavily anticipated sequel to Chuck Palahniuk’s novel Fight Club¬†will release in 2015!

Infected Lion TLOU

Eerie Infected Animals Concept Art for The Last of Us

Have you ever wondered what the animals in The Last of Us might have looked like if they were infected? One concept artist has drawn some pretty creepy looking infected animals for The Last of Us.

Goku, Raditz, Bardock, Gine

This Dragon Ball Z Comic is Kind of Heartwarming

When we see something great in Dragon Ball Z we just have to show it off. I recently stumbled across a slightly weird yet heartwarming Dragon Ball Z comic that I think many of you will enjoy.

Fantastic Four Vegeta

Vegeta Spotted in Old Fantastic Four Comic

A picture that has been making the rounds on the net recently showcases Vegeta in the Marvel universe!


The Art of Watch Dogs Review

It’s time for another art book review, this time we will be looking into The Art of Watch Dogs from Titan Books.


Outcast Issue #1 Review

Robert Kirkman releases yet another comic series.

Toonami Comic Book

Toonami Comic Book Coming in 2015 Alongside Intruder 2

During Toonami’s panel at Momocon 2014, an anonymous fan asked when the Toonami Comic book would be released. Toonami Co-Creator Jason DeMarco’s answer was both exciting and disappointing.


Incredible Goku 3D Fan Art

One very talented Dragon Ball Z fan has recently released some very stellar 3D art of our favorite Saiyan!

The Evil Within Comic

The Evil Within Comic Series Announced

A recent press release from Titan Comics confirms details of a four-part mini-series for The Evil Within.