George RR Martin Responds to South Park

George R.R. Martin Responds to South Park; “I’m Not Obsessed with Weenies”

A recent interview with George R.R. Martin reveals his thoughts on his cameo appearance in South Park’s “Black Friday” trilogy.

Rick and Morty Season 2

Rick and Morty Season 2 First Look; Animatic Leaked Online

Rick and Morty Panel attendees got a first look at Season 2 of Rick and Morty at San Diego Comic-Con. The storyboard in this leaked video isn’t TV quality just yet, but the quality humor is all there.

Rick and Morty

SDCC 2014: Entire Rick and Morty Panel

The creative minds and talented cast behind the hit TV show Rick and Morty were at San Diego Comic-Con this year. During the Rick and Morty Panel, the team talks about Season 2 of Rick and Morty, inspirations for the show, and...


Mario Jumps Into Real Life in Fan Made Super Smash Bros. Trailer

Ever wanted to see your favorite Italian plumber roam through the streets of Tokyo?  Well then look no further!

Deadpool Movie

Deadpool Creator Robert Liefeld on Deadpool Movie Status

Deadpool creator Robert Liefeld recently took to the world of social media to talk about the recent Deadpool trailer footage that exploded online. Here’s what he had to say on the matter.

Deadpool Movie Test Footage

The New Deadpool Movie Trailer in All Its Glory

The new “leaked” Deadpool movie trailer was uploaded recently and it is freaking good. Take a look and try not to “fanboy/ fangirl” all over the article (we just cleaned it).


Epic Teaser Trailer for 2015 Dragon Ball Z Movie Released

A brand new Dragon Ball Z film was announced recently through just a simple poster. Shortly after, an unexpected new teaser trailer has surfaced the web and it couldn’t be any more awesome. 

Attack on Pokemon Jigglypuff and Clefairy

This Is What Happens When Pokemon Meets Attack on Titan

Ever wondered what it would look like if Pokemon crossed over with Attack on Titan? Of course you have! Check out these creepy/awesome mashups of these two iconic series.

Gurren Lagann on Toonami

Gurren Lagann is Coming to the Toonami Lineup

Toonami recently announced that the much requested anime gem, Gurren Lagann, will be added onto the Toonami lineup in the near future.

Vegeta Bingo Dance Song

Christopher Sabat Addresses Complaining Fans About Vegeta Voice Change

Christopher Sabat is known as one of Dragon Ball Z’s finest voice actors; he has single handedly provided voices for numerous characters on the show. From characters like Omega Shenron and Kami, to notable characters like...