‘Power Rangers’ Reboot Casts Its First Ranger

Go! Go! Power Rangers! 

Ratchet and Clank PS4

New Screens Revealed for Upcoming Ratchet and Clank Movie

More hype is building for the upcoming Ratchet and Clank movie as new screenshots surface online.

Shining Prequel Overlook Hotel

The Shining Prequel Will Stand out on It’s Own

Did you know that a prequel to Stanley Kubrick’s iconic horror film The Shining is in the works? Well it’s happening, and here is what a producer of the film had to say about the highly anticipated prequel.


Sword Art Online Film Announced

If you thought SAO couldn’t get any bigger, then think again! 


Ip Man 3 Teaser Trailer is Released

Donnie Yen, an awesome martial artist and actor, reprises his role yet again as the Wing Chun Grandmaster, Yip Man in Ip Man 3.


Live Action Trailer for ‘The Jungle Book’ Released

  Come! Nostalgia awaits! 


Promo Art For Star Wars: The Force Awakens Looks Fantastic

Star Wars: The Force Awakens releases on December 18th and it’s going to be one awesome December day for everyone. But until then, check out these fine pictures for the upcoming film. 

Hey Arnold 2015

Paramount is Making a 90s Nicktoons Crossover Movie

Damn Nickelodeon is firing the nostalgia cannons everywhere! If yesterday’s big news about Nickelodeon planning to bring back classic 90s cartoons didn’t shock you enough, this next bombshell will!


Toy Story 4 Is Real, and Releasing in 2017

Along with the official movie poster of The Incredibles 2 yesterday, Toy Story 4 was announced, and now we have some story details.

The Incredibles 2 poster

The Incredibles 2 Official Poster

It’s been over 10 years since The Incredibles released. A sequel to the iconic Disney/Pixar animated film is currently set to release sometime next year!