aaron mcgruder boondocks

Sony TV Boss Disses Aaron McGruder

The Boondocks season 4 is the worst thing to ever happen to the series. Weeks before the season premiered, Aaron McGruder issued a statement that he was not involved with production in any way and now we think we know why.

Super Best Friends South Park

Sony Pictures Could Learn a Thing or Two From “South Park”

Eight years ago Trey Parker and Matt Stone sent a valuable message about censorship to the world and that message is now more important than ever before.


Donald Glover To Produce and Star in His Own FX Show

Childish Gambino, aka Donald Glover, will finally be getting his own television show on FX entitled Atlanta.

Workaholics Season 5 Uncensored

Workaholics Season 5 Uncensored Promo is Very Tight Butthole

Comedy Central recently released an epic over the top promo for Workaholics season 5!

Adult Swim Mr. Pickles Mike Tyson Black Jesus

Adult Swim Renews ‘Mr. Pickles’, ‘Black Jesus’ & ‘ Mike Tyson Mysteries’

In case you were wondering if Adult Swim’s Black Jesus, Mr. Pickles, and Mike Tyson Mysteries were going to live another season; we have some good news for you!

Mark Hamill Trickster

Mark Hamill Will Reprise ‘Trickster’ Role On “The Flash”

Mark Hamill is set to reprise an old role as a DC comic book villain, and no it isn’t the Joker.


Syfy Developing Krypton TV Seires, David Goyer as Producer

Fans of Fox's Gotham, which tells the story of Jim Gordon when Bruce Wayne is a young lad, will be excited to hear Syfy will be receiving a Krypton series.

Jeff Wins

Clarence is Cartoon Network’s Progressive Gem

Earlier in the year, Cartoon Network released a show about a wacky kid named Clarence and his day to day adventures with his friends. While the show is tailored for younger audiences, the creators have no problems with painting...

Best Christmas Movies List

21 Christmas Movies and Shorts Countdown

Christmas day will be here in 21 days and to celebrate we are listing 21 holiday films & shorts to enhance your Christmas spirit!

Official Battlefield Twitter teases possible upcoming The Walking Dead DLC

Official Battlefield Twitter teases possible upcoming The Walking Dead DLC

War among the living is a tough battle, but war against the undead is on whole different level.