Boondocks season 4 review

The Boondocks “Pretty Boy Flizzy” Episode Review

The Boondocks is back and it’s better than… wait a second, is this really The Boondocks? How can this show be The Boondocks without the original creator? It looks like The Boondocks, sounds like The Boondocks, and g...

Sally Draper

Mad Men – “A Day’s Work” Episode Review

The latest episode of Mad Men, entitled “A Day’s Work”, takes place during Valentine’s Day. Appropriately, the main underlying theme (at least in respect to Don’s storyline) of the episode is that of love.   The ...

TripTank Game Over Review

TripTank “Game Over” Episode Review

Episode three of TripTank has arrived and it’s packed with more insanity and off the wall sketches.


Blue Exorcist: “The Devil Resides in Human Souls” Episode Review

Do you love anime with demonic themes while also having a protagonist as the son of the devil?! If yes, then you’ll love Blue Exorcist! A show filled with all the demon goodness you could ask for! Take a look. 


Space Dandy: “Even Vacuum Cleaners Fall in Love, Baby” Episode Review

Time is running out for Space Dandy! That’s right, it’s the final episode of season one filled with lots of good old robot lovin’. Check it out! 

Ricksy Business

Rick and Morty “Ricksy Business” Episode Review

Ah, the final episode of a show’s season. Usually season finale’s like to leave off on a cliffhanger, but that’s not the case with the final season one episode for Rick and Morty. On top of having the best par...

Close Rick-Counters of the Rick Kind

Rick and Morty “Close Rick-Counters of the Rick Kind” Episode Review

There are a ton of Rick’s, our Rick is accused of mass Rick murder, and Jerry’s still an idiot. Here’s our review of the recent Rick and Morty Episode, “Close Rick-Counters of the Rick Kind“.

Don and Megan

Mad Men – “Time Zones” Episode Review

The first episode of the acclaimed show Mad Men’s final season begins with a very on-the-nose statement about the ensuing episodes. The opening shot, a close up, features Freddie Rumsen staring earnestly into the camera, sayi...

TripTank Comedy Central

TripTank Finally Arrives with a Bang

It’s been months since I reviewed the pilot for TripTank. I have been anxiously waiting for this show to begin it’s run and that time has finally come! Initially, I raved about TripTank’s amazing blend of anim...

Damn dude

Attack on Titan is Coming to the Toonami Lineup

Get hyped anime fans! After months of begging from Toonami fans, it seems that Toonami will be airing Attack on Titan on their lineup in the very near future.