PlayStation 4
PlayStation 4 System 2.50 Update "Yukimura" Contains Suspend/Resume, Remote Play at 60 Fps, & More

PlayStation 4 Price Drop Effective Friday

It looks like Sony is preparing for the holidays early because the PlayStation 4 is seeing a price drop to $349.99 USD ($429.99 CAD) from its $399.99 ($449.99 CAD) price point starting October 9. While this is good news on its ...

Necalli Street Fighter V

Info on Street Fighter V’s Second Beta and Laura’s Trailer

Street Fighter V‘s first beta did not work too well, but there will be a second beta incoming that features new characters to choose from and cross-platform play. We also get to see the official trailer for the leaked cha...

Ratchet and Clank PS4

New Screens Revealed for Upcoming Ratchet and Clank Movie

More hype is building for the upcoming Ratchet and Clank movie as new screenshots surface online.


Far Cry Primal Announced With Release Date

After a leak from IGN Turkey, Ubisoft has officially announced Far Cry: Primal.

sfv-laura-famitsu-leak-09 (1)

Street Fighter V’s Laura Gets Leaked

With an unofficial announcement, Laura makes her debut in Street Fighter V in some leaked pictures that show her skills.


The Red Cyclone Lives Up to His Namesake In This Street Fighter V Trailer

Zangief has been one of my favorite Street Fighter characters ever since I found out that he wrestled bears. I mean, fighting against the likes of the best warriors in the world is pretty cool, but BEARS can disembowel a person...

Ferarri F40

Need For Speed’s Customization Is No Joke

The Need For Speed many fans wanted is back and it comes with a vengeance. Customizing your ride to fit your personality is an extension of oneself, so with that in mind, check out the latest NFS customization trailer. 


Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain Review

Perhaps the final Metal Gear we will ever play, The Phantom Pain answers some questions, but at the same time it asks many more. Here is our review.

Street Fighter V

Street Fighter V’s PC Minimum and Recommended Requirements

The minimum and recommended PC spec requirements to run Street Fighter V is finally out. Come take a look to see if your PC is capable of running the game.

Porsche 911 GT3 2

Take Home the Trophies In Need For Speed

Trophies are awarded to those that are the best, but the question is are you fast enough to attain these trophies in Need For Speed? Here is the trophy list for Need For Speed.