Wii U
Cloud Smash Bros

Final Fantasy VII’s Cloud Strife Joins the Super Smash Bros. for Wii U Roster

Final Fantasy fans everywhere went berserk during the recent Nintendo Direct when they witnessed the newest DLC character announcement trailer for Super Smash Bros. for Wii U. It’s none other than Final Fantasy VII’...


Shadow Mewtwo Announced for Pokken Tournament

Pokemon fans should be glad to hear that Shadow Metwo will be in the upcoming fighting game, Pokken Tournament.

Splatoon Octoling

PSA: Splatoon Hackers Causing Save Data Corruption

If you’ve been in the loop as of late, you’d know that a certain hack has plagued the Splatoon online community. This is a public service announcement to let the community know what’s going on, how to avoid an...


Star Fox Zero Will Not Blast Off This November

Were you waiting to get your hands on Star Fox Zero this year? Well, I have some bad news for you because the game has been delayed until next year. 


New Zygarde and Greninja Forms Leaked For Pokemon

Several new forms of Zygarde and one new form of Greninja have been leaked to be coming to the Pokemon X, Y, and Z anime.


The Binding of Isaac Afterbirth Gets a Release Date Teaser Trailer

With high anticipation from the indie game community, the devs at Nicalis have revealed a release date teaser trailer for The Binding of Isaac Rebirth’s upcoming expansion, Afterbirth.


A Special Edition for Xenoblade Chronicles X is Releasing

You now have a chance to grab a copy of Xenoblade Chronicles X special edition when it releases on December 4th. 


Star Fox Zero, Devil’s Third, Xenoblade Chronicles X Release This Year

Nintendo is going out this year with a blast with these anticipated titles, Star Fox Zero, Devil’s Third and Xenoblade Chronicles X, and they’re all come out this year. 

Pokken Tournament

Pokkén Tournament Is Heading to Wii U Next Year

The Pokémon fighting game only previously available on Japanese arcades will be heading to Wii U consoles next year according to a recent announcement trailer.

Splatoon Transformers

Transformers Themed Splatoon Event Incoming

Squid kids, roll out! A new Transformers themed Splatoon Splatfest is coming in the not to distant future.