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10 New and Returning Fighters Revealed for Mortal Kombat X (Trailer Analysis)

Ed Boon and the NetherRealm Studios team weren’t lying when they said they would have a character reveal for Mortal Kombat X very soon. Only a day later and fans received a new trailer revealing 10 new and returning chara...

Raiden Brutality

Mortal Kombat X to Have over 100 Brutalities; Brutalities Trailer

Just announced at the NetherRealm Studios Kombat Kast is that not only will there be fatalities in the game, but there will also be over 100 brutalities available to players in Mortal Kombat X. Along with the announcement, a ne...


New ‘Final Fantasy Type-0 HD’ and ‘Final Fantasy XV: Episode Duscae’ Screenshots

Final Fantasy Type-0 HD and XV: Episode Duscae are previewed in newly released screenshots.


Batman: Arkham Knight – Gotham is Mine Trailer

It’s your favorite vigilante versus everyone in the latest trailer for Batman: Arkham Knight.


Telltale Games Teams Up With Lionsgate For TV “Super Show”

Telltale Games, who are behind some games such as Wolf Among Us, Game of Thrones, or The Walking Dead, have teamed up with Lionsgate to create a "Super Show" TV series.


Batman: Arkham Knight Receives an “M” Rating From ESRB

Sefton Hill, founder of Rocksteady, was shocked to hear that their upcoming Batman game will be rated "M" rather than the "T" rating the previous games in the series received.


New Guitar Hero Coming This Year?

According to Kotaku UK, there is a new Guitar Hero game coming to the current generation platforms, and is set to release this year.

Mortal Kombat X roster

Jax and Mileena to Return in Mortal Kombat X

New information has surfaced online that shows fans that both both Jax and Mileena will be returning in Mortal Kombat X. Along with those two fan favorites, new details show that a fan favorite villain will be back in the upcom...

MKX Kotal Kahn

MKX: Feudal Japan DLC, No Console Exclusive Characters, and More

Eager fighting game fans have recently received a good amount of information for the upcoming fighter, Mortal Kombat X. New information that tells all of new Feudal Japan DLC coming to the game, no console exclusive characte...