Xbox One

The Crew – Customization Nation Trailer Revealed

If there’s one game that will give Driveclub a run for its money, its The Crew. With the amount of customization and various modifications given there’s nothing players can’t create. Don’t think so? Take...

Sorry Last Gen - Dying Light is Coming Exclusively to PS4, Xbox One, & PC Only

Sorry Last Gen – Dying Light is Coming Exclusively to PS4, Xbox One, & PC

  This piece of news may upset last generation system owners only. After “internal testing”, it seems as though the team behind the upcoming fast paced-zombie survival-action title known as Dying Light has made...

R.T. Project Spark

P.T. “aka” Silent Hills Demo Recreated In Project Spark

Microsoft’s exclusive game maker Project Spark is turning a lot of heads. There is a load of interesting content being produced in Project Spark already, especially this latest P.T. remake.


Sunset Overdrive’s Over the Top Launch Trailer Revealed

In case you haven’t gotten the message Sunset Overdrive is trying to put out, it’s to kick as much mutated ass as humanly possible while having the time of your life. What better way to send that message across than...

The Evil Within JM Review

The Evil Within: A Psychological Joyride

We’ve seen what the forces of evil are capable of on the outside, but how horrific can evil be when it comes from within?


Project CARS Gameplay Impressions

Project Cars is one of the many racing games coming out this year, and I was able to give it a test drive at New York Comic Con.


Mighty No. 9 Potential DLC Teaser Revealed

Comcept uploaded a brief teaser trailer for bonus DLC for Mighty No. 9 with a surprising reveal at the end that will leave fans with more questions than answers.


You Only Live Once..Til the Next Round

Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six: Seige will touch upon three things that the developers want players to feel within the game. And that is only felt when you only live once. 


Will You Survive Far Cry 4?

A new trailer for Far Cry 4 has came out of the jungle to the tune of I Will Survive. Are you ready for it?

Lego Batman 3 Conan

Lego Batman 3 Gets Some Awesome Characters

LEGO Batman 3: Beyond Gotham will feature some appearances from special characters that everyone should be familiar with.