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Evolve Gets an Exciting 4v1 Teaser Trailer

Evolve Gets an Exciting 4v1 Teaser Trailer

Are you ready to go against the beast…or become the beast?

Couch Gaming: The Best Gaming Experience

Couch Gaming: The Best Gaming Experience

local multiplayer, ahh the good ol’ days.

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Xbox One April Update Ready Now

The Xbox One April update has come out of the testing stage, and has started making it’s way to consoles last night. It comes packed with some cool new features which you can view below: Game and app saves and updates. A...

Todd Stashwick Star Wars game

Uncharted’s Todd Stashwick to Co-write Star Wars project with Amy Hennig

Todd Stashwick, the actor who is set to appear in Naughty Dog’s upcoming Uncharted game, will also work with former Naughty Dog member Amy Hennig on Visceral Games’ “Star Wars” game!

The Behemoth

The Behemoth Tease Their Upcoming Xbox One Title

Back in February we covered news that The Behemoth were working on a new title for the Xbox One. With PAX East happening now, it seems that the team wanted to tease a bit of their newest game.

Minecraft PlayStation 4, Xbox One & Vita Edition Teased To Come Soon

Minecraft PlayStation 4, Xbox One & Vita Edition Teased To Come Soon

Are you ready to experience Minecraft in 1080p resolution? Oh or maybe a handheld is a better choice for your style of play?


The Art of Thief Review

  It’s time for another art book review, this time we will be looking at The Art of Thief from Titan Books.


New Screencap Shows a Leaked Image for Assassin’s Creed: Unity

After some digging, the Assassin’s Creed community managed to screencap possible footage for Ubisoft’s new title, Assassin’s Creed: Unity. Where some may say the screenshot is fake, there is evidence supportin...

Amy Hennig Star Wars

Amy Hennig Returns to EA to Work on Star Wars

Former Uncharted writer/director/producer, Amy Hennig, will be working on Visceral Games‘ upcoming Star Wars game!


JM’s Monthly Video Game Releases – APRIL 2014

After what was quite an exciting month for video game releases in March, things have gone quiet again this month for all systems, with not many what some would consider ‘heavy hitters’ releasing this time around. Ub...