Scholl Canyon

Top 10 Tricks at Scholl Canyon

Deep in the heart of the valley of Los Angeles lies the city of Glendale. Glendale ,the “Jewel City”, harbors many noteworthy spots that have been exhibited extensively over the years including the GCC hubba, the La...


An Interview With Aaron “Jaws” Homoki

One of the raddest dudes on and off of a skateboard, Aaron “Jaws” Homoki is one of the most well-known skateboarders in the industry. When he’s not blowing our minds with his ability to jump down the biggest o...


Ryan Sheckler, The Next Battle Commander?

Since The Berrics renovated their park and added new obstacles we’ve seen a bunch of Gram Yo Selfies  , a handful of new Bangins, and another Run & Gun contest but, it feels like forever since Bossman Andrew Reyno...


Skate Industry Reacts to Cyril Jackson Going Pro

  The skateboard industry reacts to Cyril Jackson turning pro in overwhelming and supportive fashion.


Cyril Jackson Turns Pro for Baker

Cyril Jackson is no longer on the amateur roster, he is now riding in the big leagues as the newest pro for Baker skateboards!


Mike Mo: Impossible Late Flip with Crutches

Mike Mo Capaldi is recovering from a golf kart crash that happened back in August during a trip to Woodward skate camp.  The accident resulted in Capaldi tearing all the ligaments in his left knee. If you read our recent inte...


Rugged Raw Hits The Internet

We find ourselves currently in an era where solo video parts are uploaded to the internet on a weekly basis making independent full lengths a thing of the past. However, Jake Martinelli does not bow to social trends as he hits...

lurknyc's "strangers"

LurkNYC’s Newest Video Installment: “strangers”

Nick von Werssowetz of the Lurknyc collective and John Wilson have ensured—through their online video releases—that East Coast skateboarding remains a prominent influence. Wilson has just premiered his first full length HD...


Mike Mo: On His Injury, Recovery, Positivity, and Video Games

Mike Mo Capaldi is one of the most prolific technical skaters of the modern era. He made an unbelievable introduction onto the skateboarding scene with his part in Forecast at age 15, and just two years later he truly became an...


Kevin “Spanky” Long Is Back on Baker

“It’s a dream come true…again” It’s been announced that Kevin “Spanky” Long will once again have pro model boards available for sale at Baker Skateboards. In September of 2013, Baker re...