Danny Hawk

Danny Way Stopped Tony Hawk 900 at Plan B Ramp

Tony Hawk shares a story about a past visit to the Plan B ramp where Danny Way requested he not try the 900 in his training facility or he’d be ask to leave.


Element Backpack Saves Life in Motorcycle Accident

Zach Davidson was involved in a motorcycle accident which caused him to skid 45 feet and his Element backpack is the reason he survived.

Clément Zannini skater

Take a Look at Skater Clément Zannini

Clément Zannini is just like every other skateboarder except with only one difference; Mr. Zannini only has one leg!

Primitive Tupac

Primitive Tupac Deck Releases Today

Primitive Skateboarding is releasing the official Primitive x 2pac collab deck today!

skate cam

Skate Camera App

The same developers that brought you the Skate Spots app has a new powerful tool coming underway for skateboarders on iPhone. Terrier App’s latest software called Skate Cam is a free camera application that is ide...

_DSF8241 copy

Keelan Dadd and DGK Part Ways

  Keelan Dadd posted on social media that is no longer affiliated with DGK or the Kayo Corp. It appears the partnership ended on bad terms and left the self proclaimed ‘Switch God’ without a board or wheel sponsor.

Primitive Skateboarding

Primitive Skateboards Will Release a Dragon Ball Z Inspired Board

If you love skating and Dragon Ball Z, then this skateboard will definitely interest you.


Death of Love Park Is Near

There is a good chance legendary skate spot Love Park, will no longer be skateable in the coming months according to pro skater Tom Asta. In a recent Street League interview Asta explained the city is preparing to redesign the ...


Jereme Rogers Talks Lil Wayne, Danny Way, and Jail Time

  Jereme Rogers sat down with Junkie Monkeys in Hollywood to talk about his relationship with Lil Wayne, Danny Way, and details on his 3 month jail experience.


Top 5 Iconic Skateboard Shoes

There have been over a dozen of brands to come into the world of skateboard footwear. Some shoes played big roles into skate culture while others were overlooked. Here’s 5 iconic skate shoes that made everyone take notice...