Jereme Rogers Talks Lil Wayne, Danny Way, and Jail Time

  Jereme Rogers sat down with Junkie Monkeys in Hollywood to talk about his relationship with Lil Wayne, Danny Way, and details on his 3 month jail experience.


Top 5 Iconic Skateboard Shoes

There have been over a dozen of brands to come into the world of skateboard footwear. Some shoes played big roles into skate culture while others were overlooked. Here’s 5 iconic skate shoes that made everyone take notice...


Skateboarder Jay Adams Dies at Age 53

Legendary skateboarder and original Z-Boys rider Jay Adams dies from fatal heart attack. 

Chaz vs Jon

Chaz Ortiz and Jon Dickson Have Differences

  Chaz Ortiz and newly turned pro Jon Dickson were once close friends however distance grew between the two skateboarders since Jon moved to California. Chaz speaks about the differences and when they started to affect the...


Bastien Salabanzi Had Problems with Flip Skateboards Filmer

Bastien Salabanzi presented a huge influence on the skateboard community with Flip skateboard’s 2002 video Sorry. In a recent interview Bastien discussed some of his issues with Flip filmers which could of played a factor...

twuan cover

Antwuan Is Home!

Well folks! The day has come! A close friend of legendary Deathwish pro, Antwuan Dixon recently posted a photo of the pro skater with a geotag from Baker Boys Distribution warehouse, clearly proving that Antwuan’s finally...


Creature Skateboards “Party Pack”

Has it been a hot summer in your neck of the woods? Well, the wonderful people over at Creature Skateboards has a new way for you and the homies to chill out with their Charred Remains Party Pack.  With a barbecue, bag, and b...

Junkie Monkeys Merisa Interview

An Interview with Marisa Dal Santo

Marisa Dal Santo is known as one of the gnarliest female skaters in the game. She has made an appearance at every X-games in the past 5 years, and blew everyone’s mind with her Zero “Strange World” part in 2009. Throu...


Jereme Rogers Talks about Jail Time

Jereme Rogers talks about his recent time spent in Jail along with future plans to start a hat brand and Selifish skateboards during Go Skateboarding day 2014.

Chris Cole Leavs Zero

Chris Cole Leaves Zero Skateboards

After over a decade of riding for the same board company Chris Cole parts ways with iconic brand Zero Skateboards.