Cat Skating Skate Park

We’ve all seen dogs ride skateboards but what about cats? Theres a cat in Australia by the name of Didga who was recently recognized by GoPro because of her skills on a skateboard. Heres some footage of her shredding a ...

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Vans Adds New Team Rider!

On March 3, 2015 Vans proudly announced the addition of 19 year old Baker Skateboards am Rowan Zorilla to the brand’s footwear, and apparel team. Due to his parts in the Shep Dawg videos and his ability to skate big hand-...

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Altamont and Robert Lazzarini Present: “Distorted”

 The always inspired and creative apparel company Altamont has released its collaboration with sculptor and artist, Robert Lazzarini. The collection is an artistic extension of Lazzarini’s distorted sculptures. He ex...


Pros React to Shane O’neill’s Thrasher Part

  Shane O’neill broke the internet when his “Shane Goes” video part dropped yesterday morning which caused Thrasher Magazine’s site to crash. No surprise considering the positive response he receive...


Battle At The Berrics 8 First 16 Skaters Announced

Today (3-2-15), The Berrics released the first 16 skaters that are to be featured in this years Battle At The Berrics flat ground SKATE competition. Among the list of heavy hitters includes past BATB champions Chris Cole (BATB...


Shane O’neill “Shane Goes” Part

Skate Mental presents Shane O’neill’s newest part via Thrasher Magazine.


Team Riders Announced for MOTHER!

Over the past few months, speculation over the new mysterious brand titled, “Mother”, has left skaters wondering what this new start up could be. Following clues from previous months from Gilbert Crockett’s In...


Longevity in Skateboarding

  Skateboarding is one of the most physically demanding activities in the world. Sure, you can take it easy on a board by just cruising around and busting out some manuals and flat ground tricks, but performing on a profes...


Fallen Footwear x Saint Archer Beer Collab

The skater-owned beer brand Saint Archer continues to show its roots as it collabs for a second time with a skateboarding company in just two years. Not even a full year after collaborating with Girl Skateboards on a beer flav...


Skate Legend Kareem Campbell Gets Pro-Model Shoe From Adidas

Skateboarding legend, and nearly everyone’s favorite character in the original Tony Hawk game, Kareem Campbell, is set to receive his own pro-model from Adidas Skateboarding. Although a sneak peek of the shoe was reveale...