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Steve-O Skateboarding with Fireworks

Steve-O celebrates 4th of July with some skateboarding and firework action.


HUF Introducing a New Pro Shoe and Video Part

Today, Monday, July 6th HUF will be releasing Austyn Gillette’s first pro shoe on HUF, and a video part on Austyn’s shoe will be available at as well as HUF retailers.

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Mikey Taylor Turned Down Primitive Deal

Pro skateboarder Mikey Taylor was not only offered a spot on Primitive’s skate team but was also “Offered a piece.” according to Paul Rodriguez.

What is Color?

“What is Color?” Promo

Fellow Skate Fillet commentator and Junkie Monkeys staff writer, Grant Fiero, has a new video in the works. The promo below features a 30 second teaser for his video, “What is Color?” due by the end of this summer.


Tom Asta: Santa Cruz Pro Model Coming Soon

Tom Asta’s first pro model graphic for Santa Cruz is coming soon! According to Asta’s Instagram post they should start shipping to skate shops on July 5th.


Beagle’s VX1000 Painted with Car Paint

Ryan Ewing (Beagle) shared his famously colored Sony Vx1000 camera was professionally painted with automotive paint on the Skate to Create podcast.


Street League: Tom Asta Santa Monica Courthouse

  Street League showcases Tom Asta’s  skate style and ledge wizardry at the Santa Monica courthouse. This is the first episode of Street League’s “All” series, All Asta.


Windsor James returns to Mystery Skateboards

  Professional skateboards Windsor James has announced he will returning to Mystery skateboards under Surplus distribution. James was one of many skateboarders to leave Mystery while under management of Black Box distribut...


The Motivation 2.0: Chris Cole Story Live on Itunes

The longly hyped documentary of Chris Cole’s history is now live on iTunes! Cole talks Love Park, Jamie Thomas, Zero skateboards, calling Rodney Mullen a lot and much more. This is a must download!

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Steve-O Skates His Car with Nyjah Huston

Jackass movie star Steve-O destroys his car by skating his Nissan Versa with pro skaters Nyjah Huston and David Loy at varies locations.