Many PSN Users Complaining About Their PSN Friends List Disappearing

Posted 2013/12/27 by Treezy in Gaming


It appears that there are still a couple of issues going on with the PlayStation Network, one of the problems is the ability to see the PSN friends list.

Irate gamers have been posting via forums and through social media sites like Twitter, complaining that their PSN friends are gone. Here is a screenshot of just a few out of the many users complaining.


There seems to be no explanation to why friends list are disappearing from PSN, but AskPlayStation did respond recently with the following.

We’re currently investigating reports of connectivity and Friends List issues. Thanks for your continued patience.

Let us know if you are facing similar problems in the comments below . We will be sure to update you once Sony announces a fix for whatever is going on with connectivity with friends on PSN.

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