Resogun Review: PS4′s Secret Weapon

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Fun, Addictive and MORE FUN! At first glance Resogun may seem like a simple little digital arcade game, but it’s much more. Sometimes it’s great to just get away from the hype that is the everyday shooter and action adventure titles, Resogun is definitely a game which can provide you with similar gaming satisfaction. Resogun is one of those games you can always go back to for a quick gaming fix. Currently going for free with PS Plus, this game is a must play.



Resogun was PS4’s highest rated launch title, with many journalists giving it much praise. Without playing it I wouldn’t blame one for questioning why there’s so much hype around it. An initial look at the game would make you wonder what’s so good about it, however it fully deserves it. It’s one of those games that has the ability to get you hyped, whilst frustrating you at the same time, but either way that’s the reason it’s so addictive. You want to continue playing until you’re successful with the task.

Players will have to shoot their way through the packs of enemies which are attacking them from all angles, combining the use of their weapons and evasive maneuvers to beat them. At the same time a player must aim to save the humans who are trapped, which is done in a few stages. Defeat the ‘keepers’ (a special form of enemy), pick up the linked human, and send them to safety.

A downfall of the game is when starting out, it’s not completely clear exactly what you’re supposed to do. One way it’s not clear is it does not explain that killing these ‘keepers’ is how you go about freeing the humans, and it’s also not clear that some of these keepers need to be dealt with in a particular order. You’d see what would appear to be the random death a human which is highly frustrating if you’re aiming to save them all. Once you figure things out however, it is great to play.

There are 5 stages, which are all completed by defeating the boss at the end of each one. Each boss varies when it comes to killing them. The harder the difficulty, the harder it is of course to defeat the boss, however I found once I discovered exactly what to do, I finished them off with ease. It is a good idea to try to head into the boss fight with at least 2 lives and a bomb, this can be critical in surviving.




Resogun is great to look at, simply put. It’s glowing, colorful design looks fantastic on the PS4, and is a big part of what makes this game great. The visual elements really add to the look of various gameplay elements, such as the bullets from your ship, or when you unleash that devastating, and vibrant looking bomb. It really adds the ‘wow’ factor to the game. The levels and enemies also look good, and the variety in design is great.


The sound in the game is excellent from the menu music, to the in game action, it’s great to listen to. I often catch myself taking a moment to vibe to the menu music before actually getting into the game! The way it starts off calm and then builds up in tempo just gets you hype for the intense action that’s about to commence! (Ok a little over dramatic, but you catch my drift, no?)

A nice addition was the use of the DualShock 4 speaker. They use this as a way to project key things to the player, such as to notify you when keepers are detected, or when you acquire a bomb. As small a feature it may be, it can be an important factor when it comes to helping a player during intense moments when a player may not hear important commands coming through the TV beyond all the action going on. This little feature also adds a sense of immersion in the game.



The game is fairly easy to control, and thus pretty easy to get into. It uses the sticks for movement and firing your weapon, L1 to boost (used for killing enemies and evasive maneuvers, L2 to throw human, R1 for overdrive (slows time, then emits a lightening blast), and R2 for your bomb. As you can see, it’s just your index fingers and your middle fingers on the back buttons and your thumbs for the sticks (assuming you handle the controller ‘normally’).

I feel like the use of only the back buttons and the sticks puts players in greater control of the action, and is what makes it easy to control. This is because the lack of use of the face buttons means you never have to move your fingers beyond the movement of the controls being used, which makes the control tight.



With all that said, Resogun is overall a thrilling, engaging, and most importantly FUN experience on the PlayStation 4, and it’s no wonder it’s receiving high praise. Fans of Super Stardust HD will love this game, and I feel it has the power to gain some new fans as well. With it being early days for the PS4, the library is still in the baby stages. Resogun is a game that should without a doubt be in your collection. It’s fresh and challenging experience makes it highly worth it!


+ Very addictive and really fun to play

+ Great mood setting sound

+ Fairly easy controls make it a great game to pick up and play

- Objectives not made clear, so difficult for first time players to know exactly what they’re doing


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