This Guy Plays Dark “Soles” With His Feet

Posted 2014/01/19 by William M. in Gaming

A Taiwanese Twitch streamer has recently gotten a major spike in popularity. Why exactly? He plays difficult games with his feet. One of them being Dark Souls. It’s pretty awesome. streamer Srwfe has recently gotten the attention of a larger streaming community. Currently he’s playing the punishing title Dark Souls with his feet. Even with what the streamer calls “a bad fighting stick that constantly breaks”, he still manages to be good at the games he plays. He seems to be a fan of hack and slash games too. Games like Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance and DMC (Devil May Cry) are on his past broadcasts [x], and yes he plays them with his feet as well.

Even if you don’t understand Srwfe, the entertainment is there and his streams are excellent. We recommend checking out his Twitch channel at the link below.

Srwfe Twitch Channel [x]

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